Photography Rates


*Contact with specific project/production details for a free quote

*All Prices include Professional Digital Editing


Day Rate (8 Hours) -     $1,800

Half Day -     $900

Hourly Rate -     $200

Minimum (First Hour Cost) -     $300

All Expenses Paid by Client -     Actual Costs

Mileage (over 25 miles from Palos Verdes, CA) -     Federal Tax Amount

Travel time -     $600 per day plus expenses



Photo Package  1:     $99.  Under 20 photos. Suggested for empty homes, or 1 bedroom condos.

Photo Package 2:     $149.  30-45 images. Great for homes under 3,000 sq ft, or homes without too many

                                   special amenities.

Photo Package 3:     $199.  65+ images. Great for the unique or large home with many special amenities. 

*Twighlight Imagery (Add-on to any Photo Package)  $75.  3-5 images.  $140. 6-10 images.



Surf, SUP, Scuba & Free-dive sessions are also available. Contact for rates. 

$300 per 1 hour Engagement, Family, Baby & Portrait sessions - 12 edited images delivered via Dropbox in 5-7 business days. (Price includes Professional Digital Editing)



Contact with project details for rates. Standard and 360° filming available. 


Double all prices if you want to share unlimited publication rights with the photographer. In-house publications are the exception, with unlimited publication rights granted for in-house editorial uses, such as corporate or governmental publications.  Rights for images used for advertising or any other purpose will be negotiated. 

Unlimited web publishing rights are granted for all images used as a JPG or GIF file sized under 50KB, with credit to Brent Alex and with a link to Local 11 | Brent Alex Ocean Films.  

All rights are negotiable. But all photographs on this website are the property of  (C) 2015, Brent Alex and Local 11 | Brent Alex Ocean Films.

Underwater Photography is double the hourly rate plus the actual boat and pilot expenses in addition to dive equipment costs. Determine other costs from the price lists above.  Local 11 and Brent Alex Ocean Films retain the right to accept the boat and pilot provided.

*All photographic reproduction rights remain with the photographer, Brent Alex and Local 11 | Brent Alex Ocean Films.  One-time printing or publishing rights will be negotiated for editorial use, which means a one-time printing run and does not pertain to images used in advertising or any other purpose.