"My core purpose is to inspire creativity, innovation and action in others through my art and environmental work."

West Side Los Angeles

It's no secret the westside is the best side- but technically, West Los Angeles borders the Eastern Pacific Ocean which is one of the richest, most ecologically diverse ecosystems next to the great Amazon rainforest. With all things connected in this world, humanity must learn to rethink and readjust the way we must symbiotically live in harmony with nature before we destroy what precious resources we have left. Los angeles is a great city with great people from every walk of life- together we can bring great change. The time is now.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. i've been hearing it since I was a kid at Soleado Elementary in Palos Verdes. I think it is vital to our present success to pass along an even better planet to our future generation; one that will hopefully help us turn things around for good.

As a first step- let's stop the plastic pollution epidemic! 

- brent alex

Plastic Polllution: Just the tip of Collapse

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