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morning sickness


no, I'm not expecting. i wake up everyday, however, expecting to see more plastic pollution in my own backyard. hermosa beach is such a beautiful coastal city on the surface. it is what lies beneath the surface that is so frightening; countless single-use plastic bags, plastic fragments, bottle caps, straws, and caprisun juice bags like the one pictured here from this morning's dive along the sandbar. the amount of garbage and unseen chemical pollution i swim in on a daily basis is astounding and downright disgusting. so why do i continue to swim in the ocean everyday? the answer is simple- i want to see a change in our world. i want to see society on a global level think more proactively, rationally and ethically about our consumption of vital natural resources and stop polluting our only link to life on Earth. WATER is the only reason this planet can sustain life. and not just our own, which our usual selfish nature blinds us to see- but ALL LIFE.

see ya in the water,

brent alex 

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surfers against sewage