a new year. a new blog commitment.

i was visiting family in northern california with my girlfriend over the holidays and my uncle ‘cool wave’ dave asked me why I hadn’t continued with my blog during my #EndlessBlueSouthAmerica trip last year. my short answer- i am a photographer, not a writer. with his nudging, i have a renewed drive to put words on digital paper and tell my followers what it is i think and feel about ocean conservation, my new work (#PlasticSpecies) & socioeconomic issues.

i will dig deep and type. my work is entirely visual and i prefer to speak with images. i tell stories, raise questions, and search for answers through my work. 

so, in 2014- follow along. i promise to write more. however brief my words- i will be more verbal about the beauty i see, the ugly i see, as well as my thoughts and inspirations behind what drives me as an artist. feel free to read less and like more. I will not be offended if you cannot palate my script. but most of all, i'd love it if you just enjoyed the ride… and maybe bought a couple prints for your bare stucco walls. 



low viz purge.jpg