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"My core purpose is to inspire creativity, innovation and action in others through my art and environmental work."

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As a photographer, I am an observer. 

As a diver, I am awestruck.  

As a person, I am loyal. 

As a writer, I am honest.

As a designer, I am organic.

As an individual, I am curious. 

And as an environmentalist, I am concerned

…But always optimistic.


Brent Alex is a photojournalist with 11 years experience in Hollywood as a commercial film art director, prop stylist & set decorator. 

His social art and photojournalism is concerned with ocean conservation, indigenous cultures, global coastal communities, and the socioeconomic development of Hispanic immigrants.  

Loreto, Mexico - Hurricane Odile.

Loreto, Mexico - Hurricane Odile.

His Mexican grandfather of Apache bloodline, Ysabel Madrid, immigrated to Palos Verdes, California in 1923 where he worked as a rancher, miner, and mason worker, to name just a few of his trades.

Isabel Madrid. Palos Verdes Estates, CA. 1927

Isabel Madrid. Palos Verdes Estates, CA. 1927

Ysabel's great American Dream was realized in this land of opportunity, enabling he and his wife, Glafira Estrada, to purchase a home and raise a family in Redondo Beach. It is their American success story and hard-fought life lessons that have strongly influenced his work.  

With a strong desire to explore the world around him and connect with its people, Brent favors intimate projects and working closely with individuals and grassroots organizations, telling their stories in an effort to illustrate broader social and environmental issues. He resides with his wife, Heather, daughter Piper and their dog, Mariah in Palos Verdes Estates (on a street were his grandfather planted a pepper tree, 96 years ago as a day laborer). Brent enjoys woodworking and gardening with this wife when he is not traveling to follow swell, a story, ideal dive conditions or summer in South America. 

Brent has scaled Machu Picchu Mountain, trekked across the Altiplano, lived in the Atacama Desert, skin dived the volcanic reefs of Easter Island, survived Hurricane Odile in Los Cabos and island hopped across the Galapagos in the name of environmental conservation awareness. This past fall he traveled to Columbia, Panama and Costa Rica to continue a new chapter in his photoessay 'Endless Blue.' This coming spring a trip to the South Pacific is in the works, but not before an annual fall pilgrimage to Baja. 



Mission Blue: Sylvia Earle Alliance

He has worked closely with the following ocean conservation organizations:

        Los Angeles Waterkeeper

        Heal the Bay

        Ocean Conservancy


        Surfrider Foundation  

Palos Verdes MPA shoreline south of Abalone Cove.

Palos Verdes MPA shoreline south of Abalone Cove.

Currently, Brent Alex is working closely with Los Angeles Waterkeeper to preserve and restore habitat in the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Malibu & his hometown of Palos Verdes, California.

Honeymoon Cove, Palos Verdes, CA.

Honeymoon Cove, Palos Verdes, CA.